Most of our business comes by way of “word of mouth” referrals from satisfied clients and a large, active group of estate sale buyers. They have found us to be a trustworthy, reliable team that takes care to do the job right.

I still can't believe you cleaned out the entire house and barn. It is something I had dreaded until my realtor suggested I call you. Thanks!!!

Chico, CA

Thanks for bailing me out after the "other" company left us high and dry with their broken promises. After they took what they wanted and left a mess, you still found value and completed their job.

Chico, CA

I wasn't sure you could pull off the California Park estate sale due to limited parking issues, but your solution saved the day. Thanks again.

Chico, CA

Outstanding work, thank you for finding and returning the wedding ring to my niece. It was the only thing she really wanted to remind her of her late mother.

Oroville, CA

You cleaned my in-laws 60 years of accumulation and left an empty house. Thank you, thank you, thank you.

Chico, CA

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For close to a decade, Ambiance Estate Sales has provided expert guidance to help our clients get the most out of a difficult situation. Our services often pay for themselves and our clients earn more than if they had done the work alone.

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