An estate sale is an important milestone in a family's lifetime and, if handled properly, can serve to strengthen the well-being and future of everyone involved. Here we answer the questions we hear most often from clients.

What is an Estate Sale?

An estate sale or estate liquidation is a sale or auction to dispose of a substantial portion of the materials owned by a person who is recently deceased or who must dispose of their personal property to facilitate a move.

What if we don't have a lot of antiques or valuables?

Many clients we meet for an initial consultation ask, "There aren't a lot of antiques, can you still do the sale?" It isn't always just antiques that need to be sold, but a whole household and lifetime of items.

We've found that a great deal of revenue is generated from standard household items - Furniture, Kitchen Utensils, Cleaning Supplies, Clothing, Books, Paintings, Tools, Garden Supplies, and most anything else at the location. When we price a 1000 of these items anywhere between $1 to $10, revenues can add up quickly.

What not to do! We have the expertise to price collectible items that family members often think of as “junk” with no value. Too often families having their own sale will sell collectibles for 50 cents or, worse, throw them away as trash.

What if we can't have an on-site sale?

We have flexible solutions when clients aren’t allowed to sponsor an on-site estate sale, for example, due to condo restrictions. Ambiance will manage off-site sales events and relocate your estate sales items to other venues.

How do we make sure that important valuables don't get overlooked?

We organize the estate contents and inventory important items. We'll review the inventory with you and establish how you want particular items to be handled.

How much does it cost, what are your fees?

Each Estate Sale requires planning and  problem solving and we work with you to find a solution that fits your budget and objectives. We charge a percentage fee based on what we estimate the sale will bring and cover all costs out of the sale proceeds.

Typically, you will not have out-of-pocket expenses and simply receive a check at the end of the sales process—to accompany an empty house and a renewed piece of mind!

If a large number of items are non-saleable we will negotiate our fees according to your needs.

How do we price items to obtain the value you deserve?

Our online research capability together with deep expertise in art history helps us value Client assets. We know what's trending in popularity by monitoring online collecting sites and blogs, and actively follow their selling prices.

If household and more collectible items are properly priced and combined, it can result in a very successful sale. What makes estate sales so compelling to shoppers—and what gets them up early in the morning to go to a sale—is how items of modest value are offered for sale alongside items of higher value. We understand and exploit the “psychology” of each sale - when to price high for value, and when to price low to minimize disposal costs.

And for those "antiques and special items" that require a larger audience we have collectors and high-end auction house contacts that we notify, who help advertise and market these items nationally and internationally.

How long does this all take?


Have more questions?

For close to a decade, Ambiance Estate Sales has provided expert guidance to help our clients get the most out of a difficult situation. Our services often pay for themselves and our clients earn more than if they had done the work alone.

Contact us for a free initial consultation and we will do our best to answer all of your questions.